Singing of song Nxayebizwa amagama abazali

Now I feel inspired, motivated and determined to lead. Good morning bazali, educators, members of the SMT, members of the SGB and all staff members of Princess Primary. Not forgetting members of the electoral team from our twin school, the Ridgevale.

You are welcome to this extraordinary day at our school. Your presence here is noted in the Guinness book of our school. For the past six years Princess Primary has been the centre of attraction both to local and outside schools not only because of the name Princess but because of the throne we've built for our children to ascend to.

Our school has adopted the four pillars of success which are mentoring, self improvement, success and teamwork. These are fundamentals as suggested by John C Maxwell. Most of us are eager to achieve success in life but a few can determine how to achieve success. Our SGB has adopted an objective but yet a radical approach, #One step ahead in a more sophisticated manner. We've adopted a motto "killing three birds with one stone and that is what is going to happen today. We will have this session, followed by meet your child's teacher and lastly, social get together. Two years ago we converged in this small hall to conduct the bi-elections of three parents. However, I'd proposed in that gathering that can't we have volunteers to serve in the SGB and three female parents stood and raised their commitments to serve the school. Those women demonstrated their commitment by ensuring that the SGB became stronger. A year later another election was held at this school. The full parent complement was re-elected into the SGB and for the first time a female chairperson was elected and that was Mrs. Nomvula Kausele who unfortunately had to resign due to unforeseen personal circumstances. We also had another blow when Mrs. Bonnie Masilela resigned due to family and business commitments. We suffered yet another blow when Mrs. Deborah Motepe had to be excused as an SGB member due to family commitments. We were then left with three parents in the SGB.

However, we couldn't even notice any vacuum because of the team work by all sectors. We still have the executive committee functioning very well and the Finance committee functioning optimally. Today's election were as the resolution taken in our last parents meeting in 2015.

We are pleased to report to you that the SGB has undertaken to organize the annual awards and the parents fun day and take them to another height. This year both events are central to the SGB agenda.

The SGB will be going away to our first 2016 Strategic Session dipped Policy Conference on 26 and 27 February. This conference is sponsored by Zenala Business Solutions. I won't say how much but the treasurer will indulge us towards the end of the year when he presents his annual Finance Report and budget.

We are more than motivated to continue the mandate and fulfill the objectives we have set for ourselves. We are opening on the very tight budget, thus requesting parents to timeously pay school fees. We had to increase the staff due to the workload. We have hired an extra admin assistant, full time driver and physical education practitioner. All of these posts are fundamental in the implementation of the current strategic document of the SGB.

The attendance today indicates that there is something we are doing right as the leadership of the school. We are humbled by the response of parents today.

We congratulate the newly elected parent members of the SGB. My lady and gentlemen please take your positions. You are part of this collective. You have undertaken to commit to the course. Let the journey begin.

Today we can also introduce to you the new parent gold shirt. It's very cheap only R180.00

Let's continue supporting our children. They need us.

hether you have a natural gift for interacting positively with people or you have to really work for it, you are capable of mentoring others and lifting them to a higher level. You can help them develop a road map for success and go on the journey with you as long as you keep growing as a person and a leader.